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Isagenix testimonials:

(female) - "Robin, I just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have given me so far (day 8). Knowing that you were there to call,  - to ask questions and to ask for support- have been invaluable to me. Had I been out there on my own, I do not think I would be doing as well as I am . Thank you!"

(male) - "Just wanted to let you know that I am in the middle of another  cleanse and I continue to lose weight and inches and I feel great.  To date I have lost 30lbs!  I zip through my workouts like I never have before and I am sleeping much better."

(female) - "First - great results and I am thrilled in what I have learned.  I lost 8 pounds (only fat!, stayed super strong and ripped) and I feel great.  Lost 12 inches or so but the biggie is 2 1/2 from my waist which hasn't moved in last 15 years!  I am still amazed I haven't felt that exhaustion in mid-afternoon all without my energy drink, diet soda or coffee! Anyway - I loved it!  I have had numerous that want the 11 day cleanse.... Thanks so much for all your help."

(female) - "I finished! I had a good experience with it.  I definitely had more energy, and I didn't feel as hungry and low energy around 3:00 as I normally do.  I lost about 6-7 pounds."

(female)"Thank you Robin for all your support.  I am pleased with my results, I lost 7 lbs. and 5 inches total.  But more importantly, I feel better and 'cleansed' from the toxins I have been exposing myself to."

(female) - "I was pretty healthy (avoiding most processed foods, sugar, caffeine) before I started, so I didn't see a huge increase in energy, but have noticed my eyes and skin look much better.  My eyes are whiter and some of my dry skin has cleared - which is great."

(male) - "I'm feeling great I've lost 13 lbs since I started the program and I work out everyday building muscle, it's very noticeable the weight loss.  I did not struggle at all, and the most important thing so far is that I now sleep like a baby, I had major sleeping problems before I started Isagenix.  My wife even tells me that I no longer snore.  I want to get down to 185 lbs, I started at 206.5 lbs and I'm at 192 as of today."

(female) - "Thanks for your emails, I enjoy getting them.  I am feeling great!  I have always struggled with weight and nutrition.  I have tried 12 step food programs to recover from my "addiction" and it worked but always felt i was struggling.  I was 200 lbs when I started this cleanse and I have had no food cravings whatsoever. After my cleanse days, i already lost 8 lbs.   I am never hungry!  I feel good and know I am doing something good for myself.  So thank you for everything"

(female) - "Wow. I have been feeling great these past few days.  When I weighed myself right after the cleanse days I was down about 7 lbs.  And todays workout I had so much energy.  I felt like I could run for hours.  Thanks for all ur help."

(female) - "I absolutely loved the cleanse and am a bit nervous to gain everything back now that I am done and have accomplished so much.  I did not take measurements but I did weigh myself and this morning I was 10 lbs lighter than when I started which is great!  Besides that i have had more energy and my cravings have lessened.  Thanks for all your support!"

(male) - "Doing well. Feeling great. I'm following the program very closely. On sat, I was 206+.  I weighed in a 196 lbs this morning (after day 4).  A 10 lbs loss."

(female) - "I lost 12 pounds and feel wonderful! My daily headaches seem to have disappeared as well."

(female) - "Just want to let you know I feel glorious today....Also my seasonal allergies are gone!!! Can't believe it!!!! Had a salad for lunch and couldn't finish it...so not typical of me to stop when I'm satisfied..."

(female) - a continuing 'cleanser' - "Hi! I did indeed finish! It definitely wasn't a "textbook" cleanse, Robin, but I feel really good and strong.  I didn't lose much weight (probably 4 lbs in all), but I really don't have much to lose anyway.  I feel like my new eating "boundaries" are helpful everyday AND I feel like I'm leaning out.  All in all, however, I love this program.  I can function within it, I can cheat from time-to-time with my kids and jump back on it the next morning.  I really don't feel bound by the scale or weak/hungry... ever!  Thanks for all your thoughtful and thorough coaching.  You are so knowledgeable and helpful and patient." 

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