About Robin Goldstein & Take Your Health Back


A Whole, Integrated System


For Robin Goldstein the greatest health challenges in her life have also been the greatest teaching moments, propelling her to cultivate a holistic path to aging in health and grace. The challenges, in fact, have taught her to empower herself as her own best healer, making healthy living the highest priority in her life.

Robin sees health as a whole, integrated system. That system depends on quality food and nutrition, understanding our toxic environment, on rituals of mindfulness that one practices everyday, and on cultivating one’s inner faith in their own body’s wisdom. After years of exploration, adversity, bravery, discovery and study, she offers herself as a guide for others to live fully and to age in vitality and in health.

Eyes Wide Open: Reclaiming Health After Illness

For Robin, whose life revolved around fitness and physical activity, life took a dramatic turn in 1990 after a car accident left her hospitalized and immobile.  Ten days of testing gave no answers as to why she might have ‘passed out’ while driving.  The worst was yet to come, however, when Robin began experiencing symptoms that led to a diagnosis of an underlying health issue.  Found to have Generalized and Ocular Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease characterized by weakness and rapid muscle fatigue, it was now understood that at the time of the accident, her eyelids were unable to remain open as she was driving.

Upon receiving the diagnosis, Robin was determined to heal, and did everything her doctors suggested. However, after years of being prescribed massive doses of steroids and other medications, enduring several blood cleansing procedures and even thoracic surgery to remove her thymus gland, she showed little improvement in her condition.  Robin did, however, suffer severe side effects from the medications she was prescribed.  Having a deep sense that this ‘band aid’ approach was not helpful, Robin chose to stop all medications and attempted to adapt to life with a chronic, silent disease. This meant, however, that the once enthusiast of daily exercise, weight training, aerobics, skiing and running now struggled with basic daily activity.

Intent of finding a way to live with her condition, Robin turned to yoga and meditation. With daily practice, Robin found herself at peace and at home in her challenged body.  To deepen her knowledge, Robin voraciously studied the depth and breadth of yoga, became a certified yoga teacher in 2000, went on to teach professionally, and opened two yoga studios (along with two partners).

Everyday, Robin taught herself and her students about the empowering and restorative benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

In 2009, during her morning meditation, Robin, feeling down about some symptoms she was experiencing, received a message to “cleanse her mind of all negative thoughts”.  Just a short time later, in her yoga class, a student told Robin about a nutritional cleansing program he was using. Feeling that this was predestined because of the ‘message’ she had earlier received, Robin decided to give the program a try.  Just 7 days into the cleanse program, Robin experienced something profound: for the first time in 19 years, her symptoms virtually disappeared.  Her eyes now wide open – literally and figuratively – Robin felt that something powerful was happening within her body.  Continuing to stay with the program, she went on to recover vital health and energy, clarity of mind, and to her surprise, a complete transformation of her body.

Robin went from living 19 years in a compromised body to vibrant health in under three months and was determined to find out what happened. She immersed herself in the study of nutrition, health and wellness, and attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, becoming a certified health coach. Blending her knowledge of whole foods, healthy supplementation, cleansing, yoga and meditation, she rebuilt her life and her health, while supporting others on their own journey towards health and healing.

Sharing Her Wisdom: A Guide for Others

These are the tools that Robin uses everyday to live life in health, be vibrant and energized. She is all of these things everyday, despite facing another challenge; a cancer diagnosis.  Although not cancer-free, Robin finds herself more impassioned than ever to age in health; approaching cancer with nutritional, spiritual and holistic-health practices. In this way, she feeds her body, her mind, her spirit with the tools that support her best, and continues to be vibrant and full of life. Robin believes passionately in Oprah’s statement “when you know better…you do better”, and lives this fully as she continues to learn all she can about the body-mind-spirit connection to dis-ease. 

These are the skills she offers to her clients: nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and more – to assist the immune and lymphatic system, strengthen the body, quiet the mind – while offering her open heart to hold space for her clients’ journey to health and vitality.