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From my own experience, I can tell you that continuing with daily cleansing will bring great rewards.

I have continued to reap the benefits of this wonderful product - health, vibrancy, energy and a deep sense of well-being, not to mention stable body weight.

I have found, from my own personal experience on the product, and from my experience coaching 100's of people that the very best scenario (for most people) is option 1 (below) ... but many people are very happy just moving onto a maintenance program - option 2 (below).  If you have a good deal of weight to lose you'll want to check out option 3 (below), the Race to Maintenance.  

Option 1:

after completing the 11-day program -  days 12 - 16 (5 days) - have 2 shakes and 2 meals daily

shake for breakfast 

eat a 'sensible' lunch and dinner (organic, pesticide and preservative-free, no caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc)  -  continue to use Isagenix Snacks™ between meals to keep blood-sugar levels in balance.  Snacking on celery, cucumber, etc is fine.

(the size and calorie content will vary depending on your individual needs/goals; male or female - weight loss and/or nutritional goals)

shake for dessert

continue to drink 1/2 your body weight (in ounces) of water

you can have 2 IsaDelights® each day

you can have Want More Energy® (electrolyte replacement drink)

day 17 - begin 9-day program - (the 11-day minus the pre-cleanse)

This is a total of 25 days.  It takes the body/mind about 3 weeks to create a new habit/get rid of an old habit. The people who follow this scenario seem to make permanent changes and do not go back to old habit patterns of eating.  The changes are profound, as the connection seems to be made on a deeper level ... it's as if there is the awareness on a deeper level of "I am what I eat".  Cravings go away (or at least there is a mindfulness, an awareness about the cravings, and they become manageable); energy level and clarity of mind are enhanced.  There is a general overall feeling of well-being and health.

After this three-week period, the recommendation is to stay on a maintenance program.... 

The maintenance program is ...

2 ounces of cleanse juice each morning (taken on an empty stomach)

shake for breakfast

eat a 'sensible' lunch and dinner and healthy snacks

shake for dessert 

2-day (back-to-back) monthly 'deep cleanse' (no food; cleanse juice, accelerator capsules and Isagenix Snacks™ only), once a month.

**there are those who have only 1 shake daily

**there are those who do not do a 2-day cleanse as often as once a month

this is the protocol according to John Anderson, the biochemist who formulated the cleanse - this is the program I have followed since doing  2 cleanses (option 1) in February/March 2009, and find it more than satisfying, very doable, and I have maintained my weight/fat loss, and more important - I continue to feel healthy, vibrant and full of energy.

Option 2:

just go onto the maintenance program (as outlined above)

Option 3:

if you have a lot of weight to lose, there is a program called the Race To Maintenance, detailed below  ... 

[note: the 9-Day System mentioned below is the same as the 11-day system - without the 2 days of pre-cleanse]

The Isagenix 9-Day System plus the 30-Day Race to Maintenance

The cleansing protocol prescribed by IsaMentor™ to support people in their transition to a Cleansing Lifestyle includes first doing an Isagenix 9-Day System and then following that immediately with a modified Isagenix 30-Day System, which is referred to as the Race to Maintenance. Dr. Dennis Harper of our Scientific Advisory Board has approved this protocol. Most of us will not reach our weight loss goal with just one Isagenix 9-Day System. The average loss for this system is around seven pounds and many of us want to achieve a greater amount of weight loss. The combination of the 9-Day and the modified 30-Day give people over 40 days to transition our bodies to a Cleansing Lifestyle that can help us achieve optimum health over our lifetime. That is the bigger goal for following the 9-Day with the Race to Maintenance. The subtle meaning of the name, Race to Maintenance, is that somewhere in the 40+ days we will reach our desired weight, and then will continue to use the Isagenix products in a maintenance mode for the rest of our lives. And should someone desire to lose more than they do in 40 days, the Race to Maintenance protocol can be used until they do achieve their desired weight provided they do the seven modified shake days between cleanse days as described in the details below. 

First 9-Day Cleanse (11 day process):

·   2 Pre-Cleanse Days (shake, meal, shake + suggested snacks)

·   2 Cleanse Days (cleanse drink four times per day + suggested snacks)

·   5 Shake Days (shake, meal, shake + suggested snacks)

·   2 Cleanse Days (cleanse drink four times per day + suggested snacks)

Starting on Day 12 (protocol for the next 30 days):

·   5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, a healthy lunch, a healthy dinner, and a shake for dessert)

·   2 Cleanse Days

·   Then 5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, shake for dessert)

·   2 Cleanse Days

·   Then 5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, shake for dessert)

·   2 Cleanse Days

·   Then 7 (seven) Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, shake for dessert )

·   2 Cleanse Days

This is 11, 7, 7, 7, and 9 day segments for a total of 41 days.
If people will stay the course for 40 days, they stand a great chance of transitioning their body to a "cleansing lifestyle" that will help keep them healthy.

If this "Race to Maintenance" has allowed a person to achieve their weight loss goal, then the person can move on to a maintenance program to keep their weight stable at that level and to continue to improve the health of their body overall.

If a person has not reached their weight loss goal by this time, they can simply continue the last segment, 7 modified shake days and two cleanse days, until they reach their goal. Then they can go on a maintenance program.





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