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Q. Will I need to be near a bathroom?

A. This is not a colon cleanse.  You will be drinking a lot of water and will be urinating frequently.

(a tip: you can lessen frequency of bathroom trips by doing the following:  take 1/16th tsp of sea salts on palm and lick with tongue; then drink water – this will hydrate the vessels/cells – frequent urination may be due to dehydration, i.e. the water is running right through)

Q.  Can I eat 'food' during this program?

A.  Yes.  This is not a ‘fast’.  There are periodic 2-day cleanses during which you will drink a cleanse juice and have specified snacks; on all other days you will be able to eat food

Q. Why is there no fruit (other than granny smith apple) mentioned in the foods to eat?

A.   During the 'program', when your body is working to release toxins and toxic fat,  it is advisable to stay away from the higher glycemic levels in fruit. Fat-burning will occur when the blood-sugar levels are stable – adding fruit will raise the blood-sugar.  A (green) Granny Smith apple has a lower glycemic level than other apples. 

Q.  Is it necessary to do a pre-cleanse?

A.   The pre-cleanse is for your benefit. 

We become accustomed to certain foods – i.e. caffeine, sugar, alcohol, highly processed foods, etc.  It is possible to experience ‘withdrawal’ symptoms, such as headaches, lethargy, etc. when stopping these foods, ‘cold turkey’!  By weaning away from these types of foods, over the two days of pre-cleanse, you will find it easier to transition to the two days of cleansing without extreme withdrawal symptoms. 

*The nutrition in the shakes will help to lessen cravings and most people find that they lose additional weight during pre-cleanse days.

*If you have a ‘clean’ diet, and do not consume ‘addictive’ foods, you may not need to add the 2 days of pre-cleanse.

Q.  Can I do more than 2 days of pre-cleanse?

A.   You can add extra days of pre-cleanse if you feel that you need more time to wean away from certain foods.

*If you add more than 2 days of pre-cleanse, you may need to purchase additional shake product - this depends on which package you purchased - for instance, the 30-Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System comes with 4 canisters of shake product - more than enough to do additional pre-cleanse days.

 Q. The manual says "add my own snacks" on pre-cleanse days.  What does that mean?

A. Pre-cleanse days are for the purpose of weaning away from the foods that are highly toxic and addictive.  You have not yet begun the 'cleansing' part of the program.  Therefore, it is okay to eat food, just make sure that the food you eat is toxic-free, organic and not highly processed. (see the suggested snacks listed in GET STARTED NOW (above) - under 'items to have on hand'.

Q.  I have hypoglycemia or diabetes – can I do this cleanse?

A.  check here: http://www.isagenixhealth.net/2009/07/im-a-diabetic-can-i-still-cleanse/   

People with diagnosed diabetes and hypoglycemia have had success with this program/product, but it is advised that they check with their doctor before beginning any program.  Blood sugar levels should be checked frequently.  

[Oftentimes, people with blood-sugar 'issues' will introduce a slice of apple, or a couple of spoonfuls of applesauce should they feel their blood sugar dropping.]

If you experience symptoms of blood sugar dropping (shaky, headachy, unable to function) – first, make sure that you’ve had your Isagenix Snack (perhaps 2) and plenty of water. If you’ve followed the program and continue to have symptoms - Contact your cleanse coach

Q.  What should I do if I forget to take an accelerator capsule?

A.    If you forget the capsule in the morning, take just 1 capsule in the afternoon.  If you take the morning capsule and forget the afternoon capsule, you can take later, but do not take the accelerator too much after 3:00, as it could keep you awake.  Do not take 2 capsules at one time.

Q.  I don’t like the Isagenix Snack – can I eat ‘other’ snacks?  Can I skip the snack?

A.  The Isagenix Snack is formulated with the appropriate ratio of fats/carbs/proteins to keep your blood sugar in balance.  This is important - when your blood-sugar is in balance you will burn fat, and not muscle.   It is imperative that your blood-sugar is in balance, and that you have the snacks.  

*If you really cannot eat the Isagenix Snack:  purchase the IsaLean Bars:  cut a bar into 1/8ths – one 1/8th piece will equal an Isagenix Snack.

Q.  Can I have any snacks, on my shake-meal-shake days, other than the Isagenix Snack and the 2 nuts?

A.  You should not be very hungry on shake-meal-shake days.  Drink lots of water, and if you haven't tried having the 2 smaller meals (both lunch and dinner) with your shake for dessert - give this a try - you will be eating every couple of hours.  If you need to snack on something, it's fine to have some celery, cucumber, lettuce, etc.

Q.  I feel terrible – i.e. I’m miserable - shaking, weak, headachy, nauseous – what do I do?

A.  These are possible signs that your blood sugar is not stable – see info above re: hypoglycemia/diabetes - contact your cleanse coach.

Q.  I have a headache – can I take aspirin or over the counter pain reliever?

A.  It is best not to take any over the counter pain relievers – these will add toxins and you are trying to ‘detox’!

Headaches are often a sign of dehydration – even though you may be drinking a lot of water, it is possible that the water is not being absorbed internally, into the vessels/cells.

Try the following: get some Sea Salt (Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salts are great, as they have a high mineral content).  DO NOT USE TABLE SALT

Place 1/16th tsp of sea salts on your palm, and lick, let the salts absorb on or under tongue. Then, drink water.  This will draw the H2O and the minerals from the salts into the vessels/cells.

Q.  I am experiencing muscle/leg cramps?

A.    See answer for headaches, above.  The sea salts may help with muscle cramps, and general body aches.

Q.  Why do I have to drink my shake in 10 minutes?

A.     The enzymes in the shake are activated when you mix/blend with cold water and ice – to get the benefit from the enzymes while they are ‘active’, drink within 10 minutes.

Q.  Can I have shakes for breakfast and lunch and eat a meal at dinner?

A.     It is best to have a shake at the beginning of the day and the later part of the day.  Rather than have a shake at breakfast and lunch - try this:  have a shake for breakfast; a meal for lunch and dinner; and a second shake for dessert.  If you have a shake for lunch, and a meal for dinner, you may very well find yourself hungry a short while after dinner.  If you have the shake for dinner or dessert you will find that it will fill you, and you will not be as likely to be looking for food! 

When having both lunch and dinner – divide the protein between the two meals, and ‘bulk up’ on lots of organic veggies.  

Q.  Can I have Coffee / decaf  - Can I have herbal tea? 

A.  You can have herbal teas - you cannot have de-caf  - tea or coffee.  The decaffeinating process adds toxins - have only natural herbal teas (like chamomile).  Isagenix makes a wonderful low-acid coffee - you can enjoy this during your program.

Q.  Why can't I exercise vigorously on cleanse days.  I exercise daily, I know my body, and If I feel okay, why isn't it okay?   

A.   Even though you may feel 'okay' - even 'great' - you absolutely should not exercise 'vigorously'....a gentle yoga practice, or a walk is fine.  Give yourself 'permission' to take these days off, and pamper yourself!  Your body is working 'hard' to detox.

during the two cleanse days, your body is severely calorie deprived - this is intentional - you are not nutritionally deprived, but you are calorie deprived (only about 300 calories each day).  Your body uses calories - calories are the energy the body uses to function.  If you don't have calories to burn, then the body will try to get its energy from another source - either fat or muscle.  When the blood-sugar remains in balance, the body will utilize the fat as its source of energy.  This is why you are taking the Isagenix Snacks - to keep your blood-sugar in balance.  If you exercise vigorously, your body will go to muscle for the extra energy it needs (sourcing or pulling protein/sugar from the muscle).  You may think you feel fine - but you are putting your body in a stress mode and you are working 'counter' to the program.  You may find that you will not lose as much weight.

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