Take Your Health Back

Shake-Meal-Shake Day 5

Today your protocol includes:

·            Shake for breakfast

·            1 or 2 meals [you can divide your 1 meal into 2 smaller meals] - (see FAQ’s)

·            Shake for dinner or dessert (depends on whether you had 1 or 2 meals)

·            2 accelerator capsules (1 in the morning; 1 in the afternoon – between 1pm & 2pm)

·            Isagenix Snacks™ (1 snack every 1.5 – 2  hrs between meals to keep blood sugar in balance)  

·            Drink ½ body weight (in ounces) of water throughout the day.

If you received IsaDelights®, you may have up to two today

If you received Replenish® (electrolyte replacement drink) you may have up to two times today.

The last day of shake-meal(s)-shake...heading into your 2-day cleanse tomorrow!  

I hope you are feeling great --- if not, and if you are struggling, let me know – perhaps you need some assistance to help you through the next 2-day cleanse?

Remember, as I've continually said, the better you can adhere to the program, as discussed here and in the manual, the better your results will be.  

It's helpful to have a complete understanding of what is going on during the cleansing process - it's helped many get through the cleanse days.

Cleansing helps release impurities and strengthen your health.  During the cleanse, the toxins are literally being released from the fat (the fat enrobes the toxins as the body's way of protecting itself) 

-on day 1 of the cleansing cycle (tomorrow), the fat is being released

-on day 2 of the cleanse, the body uses the fat as a source of nutrition and burns off the fat.

80% of the benefit from 'detoxing' happens on this second day of cleanse - this is important - the burning off of the 'toxic' fat occurs on the the second, final day.

You begin to reap the benefit of a cleansed body:  greater energy, more restful sleep, greater overall health, possibly pain lessened or gone, and more.  

Enjoy your 2 days of cleansing - see this time as a journey toward greater health and well-being.  

When issues and challenges come up, remind yourself that you are doing something good for yourself!  See the 'symptoms', the challenges, as good - you are getting toxins out of your body!

After completing this program consider staying with a 'daily cleansing lifestyle'  -
  • do a daily cleanse - everyday have 2 ounces of cleanse juice (this keeps the toxins that bombard us daily, at bay);
  • have 2 shakes a day (this provides great nutrition); 
  • cleanse - a deep cleanse (2 days) once a month.  
  • Stay with it and you will continue to reap the benefits of a 'cleansing lifestyle' - you'll feel and look amazing (and it's so doable)!!!  
  • See 'Going Forward' (in 'cleanse coaching' section)

Much luck with this next cleanse --- contact me with any questions, challenges or concerns --- and keep your coach informed about your final results.

Remember, the closer you can adhere to the manual and the information here, the better your results will be.



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