Take Your Health Back

Shake-Meal-Shake Day 4

Today your protocol includes:

·            Shake for breakfast

·            1 or 2 meals [you can divide your 1 meal into 2 smaller meals] - (see FAQ’s)

·            Shake for dinner or dessert (depends on whether you had 1 or 2 meals)

·            2 accelerator capsules (1 in the morning; 1 in the afternoon – between 1pm & 2pm)

·            Isagenix Snacks™ (1 snack every 1.5 – 2  hrs between meals to keep blood sugar in balance)  

·            Drink ½ body weight (in ounces) of water throughout the day.

If you received IsaDelights®, you may have 2 today

If you received Replenish® (electrolyte replacement drink) you may have up to two times today. 

You are almost there!  I hope you can see that by following the 'program', as outlined here and in the manual, the results can be life-changing...and I hope you feel it's been worth the effort.  

Stay strong today and tomorrow, so that you'll be strong (nutritionally speaking) and ready for the next cleanse.  This next cleanse will take you over the top!  

Please, do not weigh yourself until after the 2-day cleanse.

If you'd like to discuss staying on the program - a daily cleansing lifestyle –contact me and be sure to check out the “going forward” info on this site (in 'cleanse coaching' section).  It's worked out so well for so many --- it is so doable!

I hope you are enjoying the journey and if you need assistance, take advantage of the coaching - call or email me with any questions, concerns or challenges

Remember, the closer you can adhere to the information here and in the manual the better your results will be


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