Take Your Health Back

 Shake-Meal-Shake Day 1

Today your protocol includes:

·     Shake for breakfast

·     1 or 2 meals [you can divide your 1 meal into 2 smaller meals] - (see FAQ’s)

·     Shake for dinner or dessert (depends on whether you had 1 or 2 meals)

·     2 accelerator capsules (1 in the morning; 1 in the afternoon – between 1pm & 2pm)

· Isagenix Snacks™ (1 snack every 1.5 – 2 hrs between meals to keep blood sugar in balance) 

· Drink ½ body weight (in ounces) of water throughout the day.

If you received IsaDelights®, you may have 2 today

If you received Replenish® (electrolyte replacement drink) you may have up to two times today.

You will really enjoy that first shake today, as well as your meal. People often comment and are amazed at how good something like a piece of fish or a piece of broccoli can taste.

You have probably seen some weight loss and maybe inches lost -  If you did weigh and measure before beginning the program, then weigh and measure this morning.  Do Not weigh yourself again until after your next 2-day cleanse. (people often weigh daily, and get frustrated, because there may be a bit of a weight gain - but, this is not about the weight, it's about your 'waist').  Also, women lose more in terms of fat, hence women will see inches lost, and notice changes in their body in terms of the leaning out, and how clothes fit! 

Soon you will be reaping the benefits of the nutrition in the shakes – you may begin to feel more energized and you may notice that the afternoon 'slump' goes away! A number of people comment on feeling a sense of 'lightness' - both in body and mind.

During these shake-meal-shake days, it is imperative to have your Isagenix Snacks as they help keep your blood sugar in balance, which keeps you in a fat-burning mode.  In addition, continue to take your accelerator caps, and as always, drink lots of water!  

If you feel you need a little extra something - it's okay to snack on things such as celery, cucumber, etc.

You can exercise vigorously now, and you may find that you have more energy, and stamina than before.  If you have a mind/body practice, i.e. yoga, meditation, etc., you may find your practice 'inspired'!

Keep me informed -  I love to hear how you are doing, and your results as you continue on this journey!

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or challenges - take advantage of the coaching 

Remember, the closer you can adhere to the manual & info here, the better your results will be!


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