Take Your Health Back

Cleanse day 2

NOTE:  If you have received the powder cleanse drink, follow the directions on the canister for 'deep' cleanse days - refer to day 3 for more information.

Today your protocol includes:

·     4 ounces Cleanse For Life™ juice - 4 times (every 3.5 - 4.5 hours) 

·     2 accelerator capsules (1 in the morning; 1 in the afternoon – between 1pm & 2pm)

·  Isagenix Snacks™ (1 snack every 1.5 – 2 hrs between meals to keep blood sugar in balance)

·  Drink ½ body weight (in ounces) of water throughout the day.

If you received IsaDelights®, you may have up to two today

If you received Replenish® (electrolyte replacement drink) you may have up to 2 today.

Today will be the same as yesterday – for some, the second day is a bit easier, for others, it can be more challenging.  

You’ve made it through day 1, so just stay strong - remind yourself that you can do this, and seeing your results tomorrow morning, as well as how good you will feel, you will be so glad that you persevered and pushed through this second day of cleanse.

If you find the final hours a bit challenging - here's a few suggestions to get through the final hours…

take a walk; get busy - clean a closet, a pantry, or something, this is a good time to go through those pictures! Take a nap, a warm bath (epsom salt bath is great), watch a movie; read a book - get your mind off your 'hunger' - it is the mind that will do what it can to try to change 'what is'! Lastly, go to bed early, if possible!

Remember don't exercise aggressively during your cleanse days....this could put you into a 'muscle burning' mode.  Keep in mind that your body is working hard to 'detox', so don't work against the cleansing process of burning fat by throwing your body into muscle-burning!  If you do exercise, make it something 'gentle' - a walk or a gentle yoga practice. 

For the very best results, follow the advice here, in the videos and in the manual - eat nothing other than your juice and the Isagenix snacks or IsaDelights™. 

80% of the results from the cleanse happens on this second day of the 2 days of cleansing - this is when the 'fat-burning' occurs.  This is the fat that's been holding onto the toxins!  If you start to think about 'giving up' - if you find that you are telling yourself things like - "I've made it through most of the day, what's the big deal if I just have a snack or dinner"... know this - your body will continue to burn fat through the night!  Do not give in to this 'mind stuff'!!  (I have actually weighed myself before bed on day 2 and found a 2 lb weight loss when I weighed in the morning!)  If you give up now, you will never know the benefits you might have reaped had you not given in!

Keep in mind the difference between - "I'm hungry - I don't like this - I want to eat" and "I cannot function - I'm miserable - I feel faint, unable to get through the day" ... the latter can be blood-sugar issues and needs to be attended to. Be mindful and if you do have issues that could be a blood-sugar drop, contact your cleanse coach, so this can be attended to!

If you took measurements before beginning your program, then measure yourself in the morning (day 5) - also weigh yourself! 

PLEASEDo not weigh yourself during the next 5 days of shakes and meals (you may very well gain, but you are converting to lean muscle (muscle weighs more than fat) and you are losing inches - you'll see - the change will be remarkable.


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