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Cleanse Day 1

PLEASE NOTE: A new cleanse juice, in powder form, was introduced after these videos were created.   If you received the powder Cleanse For Life, prepare following the directions on the package for "DEEP CLEANSE DAYS' - mix 2 scoops powder with 4 ounces room temperature water (you can add ice after blending)

Today your protocol includes:

·     4 ounces Cleanse For Life™ juice - 4 times day (every 3.5 - 4.5 hours) **see tip below**

·     2 accelerator capsules (1 in the morning; 1 in the afternoon)

·  Isagenix Snacks™ (1 snack every 1.5 – 2 hrs between meals to keep blood sugar in balance)

·  Drink ½ body weight (in ounces) of water throughout the day.

If you purchased IsaDelights®, you may have up to 2 today 

If you received Replenish® (electrolyte replacement drink) you may have up to two times today.

An important day ....

You can drink the 4 ounces straight or diluted with filtered water 

During this first cleanse day, the toxins are actually being released from the fat (the fat that enrobes, or holds on to the toxin), and the toxins are now starting to be released into the blood - this can cause 'cleanse symptoms' - possibly headaches, lethargy, etc.* If you have symptoms, see this as a positive - you are 'detoxing' and any release of toxins is good!

* tip* - headaches, and general muscle aches may be relieved by taking in some SEA Salt and drinking water.  Use a good quality SEA salt, such as Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salts - place a pinch (about 1/16th tsp) on your palm; lick with tip of  tongue; follow with water.  This will draw the minerals from the salts and the H2O into the vessels/cells.

The Isagenix Snacks are essential - they help to keep your blood-sugar in balance, and this is important as it keeps you in a fat-burning mode (you want you're body to remove the 'fat' that holds onto the toxins - you don't want the body to burn or use muscle).  If you feel you need an additional snack on occasion (i.e. 2 snacks), this is fine – but keep in mind there are not enough snacks to have 2 at each snack time.

TAKE IT EASY ON CLEANSE DAYS!  Do not exercise or work-out 'vigorously' during your 2 cleanse days - this will put you in a 'muscle-burning' mode and will actually cause you to burn 'less' fat. It is important that you burn fat, as it is the fat that is holding onto the toxins!!  A walk, or a gentle yoga practice is fine.

Please note - this is important -  there is a difference between - "I'm hungry - I don't like this - I want to eat" and "I cannot function - I'm miserable - I feel faint, unable to get through the day" ... the latter can be blood-sugar issues and needs to be attended to. Be mindful and if you do have issues that could be a blood-sugar drop, contact your cleanse coach, so this can be attended to!


Niacin Flush

Should you have any flushing, heating up of the skin (around the neck, face, ears) or itching (the chest, extremities -arms &/or legs)  - this can be a niacin reaction – called a “niacin flush”* (check FAQ’S), due to the niacin in the juice and accelerator capsules.  This is not an allergic reaction, don't worry - it means you need to drink more water.  If this should happen, drink another 2 glasses (or so) of water - it will subside.


There is (most likely) more nutrition in your juice than what you get in a normal day of eating, but you will probably be hungry - just know you are not malnourished during these days - you are not 'fasting', you are not 'starving'...you are just in the habit of eating...so when your mind starts doing 'its thing' - do something to keep your mind off food -

keep busy (I cleaned my pantry and my basement!); take a warm bath (add epsom salts or other mineral salts); take a walk; nap; watch a movie; read a book, maybe meditate (you'll find your meditations might be enhanced during the cleanse).

Whatever your symptoms - see them as positive - your body is releasing toxins and this is good!

Just know that in a couple of days you are going to feel amazing.

Finally, if you have any 'extreme' withdrawal symptoms or any questions, challenges or concerns - don't hesitate contacting me  – (check FAQ’s)

And, the reading from yesterday.....

If you’re anticipating a slew of challenges, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed. Your feelings could compel you to see obstacles where there are none or let fear direct your actions. You may feel tense in anticipation of what might arise. You could combat your pessimism by looking inward and asking yourself for the real cause for your feelings. It doesn’t serve you to fear what hasn’t happened, especially as you will likely handle what comes your way. Act with courage today, trust that the universe is taking care of you, and everything will turn out fine. 

Letting go of your fears can help you face the unknown without faltering. Instead of preparing us for what may lie ahead, fear can actually sabotage our efforts by driving us to engage in self-defeating behaviors. Fear is often focused on unpleasant possibilities that may not even happen. What we create in our minds can prevent us from being in the journey, because we 'think' the future may be worse than the reality. When you accept that no one knows what the future will bring, you are free to anticipate positive outcomes because they have just as good a chance of happening as do negative ones. Let go of your fears, and you’ll bring more good into your life.

Remember - the closer you can adhere to the manual the better your results...



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