Take Your Health Back

Robin's Story 

[My story was written, and the video recorded, in December 2010]

This is my story 

How did I come to be so focused on 'aging in health' and helping people cleanse their bodies of toxins? 

My personal yoga practice, meditation, exercise and what I considered good nutritional 'habits'
have been important parts of my life for years.
There were times in years gone by, when I would run an extra mile or two, or intensify my
yoga practice because I had eaten something 'bad'. 

I had considered myself a fairly healthy person, and in relatively good shape, yet
I had been coping with the symptoms of a serious autoimmune disease since 1990
- this included heavy-duty medications, intense procedures and surgery -
 by 2009, although this 'malady' was no longer life-threatening, I was living daily with symptoms 
that were seriously compromising the quality of my life, not to mention the effect on my body 
in terms of weight and self-image.

 It was around this time, early 2009, that I made a conscious decision
~to accept my body and my life as it was~ 
  I would honor and learn from the path I walked and talked – 
the spiritual path that taught me to be in the moment and see all things, positive and negative,
as the Universe opening a door, offering a lesson, a gift. 

In February 2009, I was preparing to teach a yoga class
in walked a student holding an unusual bottle.  
I learned that this was a bottle from a cleanse program (he was using as a water bottle).   
Now, this is important... 
Just that morning, as I meditated, I found myself thinking about cleansing negative thoughts!  
I took the entire 'happening' as a sign - an invitation from the Universe - and I purchased the program.


Within just a few short days on the program, I began to see benefits that were literally amazing me
 increased energy, better sleep, loss of cravings (I was always craving sugar!) – I felt great
and to my amazement some of the symptoms I had been living with for the past 19 years
were gone and some lessening.  

At the end of the first 11 days I had lost about 8.5 lbs and just over 8 inches!  I felt amazing! 
– the weight and inches lost were ‘icing on the cake’ –
I was experiencing pure joy because I felt so good! 
In fact, my meditation and yoga practice felt deeply ‘inspired’!!

Within a few short months I lost close to 20 lbs and 26 inches!  
I continued to become more vibrant and energized.  
My sleep improved, my hair/skin/nails improved, I looked younger and felt younger! 
~life felt good and nothing had changed except my 'diet'~

The connection was made – I knew, in my heart and soul, that 'I am what I eat'!

 This led me to start delving into and informing myself about toxicity, cleansing, nutrition and health.
I continue to follow this life-style program which gives my body everything it needs to stay vibrant and healthy,
and ...
my joy is to introduce others to this system of Nutritional Cleansing 
as a Certified Health Coach [The Institute for Integrative Nutrition] my passion is to help others age in health.

I know that nutrition is BIG – getting out toxins is BIG –

having a mind/body practice where one can learn to 'be in the moment', 
release stress and honor the body is BIG….

I know that if we take in the nutrition the human body was meant to receive,
and when we rid the body of toxins that cloud our mind, body and spirit -
it is then that we can love life, be content, and experience joy.

My hope is that my experience may be an inspiration to you and that you will love yourself enough to 


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